TES articles (Jan-Aug 2016)

You can read a selection of articles that I have written for the TES magazine in this section, including my look at the future of Ofsted, the research evidence on grammar schools, the prescience of the Labour Party’s election manifesto in 2015, how exam board franchising might work and the 9-1 grading scale for GCSEs being introduced in 2017:

JANUARY 2016 – ‘Could Ofsted be facing the final curtain?’

APRIL 2016 – ‘Labour’s education policies were startlingly prophetic’

MAY 2016 – ‘To franchise exams or not to franchise exams?’ (£)

JULY 2016 – ‘Will new GCSE grades be popular? The odds are 9-1’

AUGUST 2016 – ‘The case against grammar schools’ (£)